When You Need an Air Conditioner Repair Service – Maintaining Your AC

To get respite from the summer heat we turn to air conditioners. There are different types of air conditions like commercial air conditioners, spilt ac etc. One might face some issues with the air conditioners that only expert repair service providers can resolve.


If you are facing any problem with your air conditioner then connect with an expert who can repair all types of air conditioners. Hire an expert who has proven expertise in repairing Split AC and Window AC.


Take a Look at the Different Types of Air Conditioners:


  • Window air conditioners can be installed in a window space and can be used for small rooms.
  • Portable air conditioners which can be moved easily. But they are not as effective as spilled ac or window ac.
  • Split ac which has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit and is ideal for medium size to large rooms.
  • Inverter AC which can maintain a constant room temperature
  • VRF air conditioning units are used in large commercial spaces.
  • All weather air conditioners have hot and cold features.


Signs That Show You Need to Call the Air Conditioner Repairer Immediately:


One of the most common problems of air conditioners is insufficient cooling. There can be many reasons for this like you may have selected the wrong mode. Or the air filters may be clogged or there might be some problem with the motor. Call a reputed Air conditioner repair service center in Thane and get the required assistance.


Whether it is Hot and Cool AC or any other AC in which there is a water leakage problem then call the repair service provider immediately. The drainage pipe may have been clogged or the drain pan may have got rusted or it might have got damaged. There might be a problem with the condensate pump.


If your air conditioner is making a buzzing sound or ticking sound or humming sound then call the repairer on priority. Clogged air filters or debris that have got stuck in the air conditioner unit, and problems with any of the electrical components are some of the reasons for the same. A good Air conditioner repair service center can send experts to rectify such issues.


If a high pitch sound is coming from the air conditioner then switch off the ac immediately. In such cases, you have to call the ac repairer on priority.


If there is ice formation on the evaporation coils then also your air conditioner can stop functioning. For all such issues contact the Air conditioner repair service provider.




Whether you have a Commercial AC or any other air conditioner you are bound to face some problems. At times the cooling might not be proper or sometimes there can be water leakage problems. There are other issues like buzzing or humming sound from the ac or the ac might not work at all, vibration in the air conditioner etc. In all such cases, it is best to connect with an expert repairer immediately.


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