An Insight into the Different Types of Clothes Dryers

An Insight into the Different Types of Clothes Dryers

A clothes dryer makes your daily laundry chore a lot easier. But these days the market is flooded with different types of clothes dryers. Selecting the right type of dryer can be a daunting task.


But with proper guidance, it can be a lot easier for you to choose the right dryer type. Ensure that you use the dryer properly and do the maintenance regularly. This helps in improving the life of your dryer. For maintenance and repair services you need the services of a good Clothes dryer repair service center in Thane.


Important Tips to Improve the Life of Your Clothes Dryer:


  • Regular cleaning of the vent is important
  • Never overload the dryer
  • The lint screen and the lint cap must be cleaned well after use
  • The cleaning of the drum of the dryer is also very important
  • The inside, as well as the outside portion of the dryer, has to be kept clean
  • Make sure you get the maintenance of the dryer done at regular intervals.


Take a Look at the Different Types of Clothes Dryers:


In the case of Gas Dryers, the clothes are dried using hot air and tumbling motion. In these dryers, natural gas is used to heat the air inside the dryer. These dryers are costly but they are not using electricity and hence they help in saving energy bills in the long run.


The electric dryers make use of electricity to heat the air which is used for drying the clothes. Their running cost is more as compared to the dryers that work on gas.


Steam is used for drying clothes in the case of Steam Dryers. The normal dryers have the steam drying option. This means that you can dry the clothes using the normal heat option. But these dryers are also capable of using moist hot air for drying the clothes and this helps in reducing the wrinkles on the clothes.


In the case of Vented Dryers, the moisture from the clothes is thrown out from the dryer through a vent. The heating element in the vented dryer can be gas or it can also be electricity. These are an affordable option but they need regular maintenance.


In the case of Condenser Dryers, the air is heated by the condenser. The hot air then enters the tumbler and the clothes are dried. This air then goes back to the condenser where it is cooled and then it is reheated again for drying the clothes.


In the case of Heat pump Dryers, there is a heat pump that helps in drying the clothes.




There are many different types of dryers which are used for drying clothes. Some dryers make use of gas to heat the air which is used for drying the clothes. Whereas in some cases electricity is used for heating the air.


In case you are facing any technical issue with any type of dryer and the same has to be repaired then you have to approach the Clothes dryer repair service center. Connect with for the best Clothes dryer repair service provider.

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